Lower Your Stress Level

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Is it just me or is stress becoming an integral part of everyday life?  It seems like everywhere you go people are more stressed than ever before.  Maybe it is because the world is speeding up?  Information is transmitted faster and people are used having access to the things they need in a short amount of time which lowers attention spans and patience.

As I walk outside through the morning traffic, I hear car horns and I see people losing their minds in their vehicles.  Up the road is a car that is butting its way in front of another just to get to work a fraction of a second sooner in the line of traffic that’s moving 2mph.

Is this life as we know it?  How can you keep from being rattled by such insignificant things in life?  Here’s a few suggestions:

1) If you take a lunch to work, pack it the night before.

2) Wake up 5 or 10 minutes earlier.  You will be in less of a hurry and your day will be far less stressful.

3) Know the situation you will face before you leave your home and realize that is the way things are going to be today.  There is no point getting out into the morning traffic and saying “Oh great, just what I needed…a traffic jam!”.  What did you expect to find?!  It happens everyday so you had best deal!

4) Take the time to look out your window at home or at work to appreciate something in nature.  Admiring nature will help remind you of the true speed of the world and it will ease that tension that you may be feeling.

5) Make a point of doing something you enjoy each and every day.  Whether it is a hobby or spending time with friends or family, you should always make time for this type of interaction!

Finally, stress exists only because you let it.  You are the one that experiences stress which means that your brain is responsible for manifesting stress.  Believe it or not, you can control stress and you never have to feel it again if you don’t want to.

Take it easy and try not to let those little things bother you!  Best of luck.

You’re FIRED!!!

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Two words that no employee ever wants to hear… You’re FIRED!!  Suddenly that stable job that you have depended on for years to pay off your debts and put food on the table is no longer an option.  What do you do and where do you turn?  Odds are if you are on Joborilla.ca you are looking for employment in Saskatoon and you may be in this very situation.

The following tips can help you get up, dust yourself off, and get back out into the workforce.

1) Everyone gets fired for a reason.  Maybe it wasn’t your fault, but if it was, this is your chance to learn and make yourself a stronger person and a more talented employee! Whatever the reason, make sure that you know exactly why you were fired. Once you know why you were fired, find a why to fix your weaknesses so that you will not be fired for the same reason in the future!

2) You finally have an interview for a new job and I guarantee you will be asked, “Have you ever been fired from a job?” or “Why did you leave your previous job?”.  Gulp – did it just get hot in here!  Relax.  Know that this question will be asked and have your answer prepared ahead of time.  Keep your answer brief, keep it positive, and explain what you learned and how you have improved yourself since you were let go from your previous place of employment.  Be honest and do not blame your employer!  Speaking negatively about your employer or other coworkers sends the wrong message to potential employers.

3) Keep your head up!  Being fired can crush your confidence in yourself and your abilities.  As frustrated as you may feel, there are always other jobs and there will always be a positive outcome if you truly believe there will be!

We wish you the best of luck on the search for your new job.  Hopefully you can find a job in Saskatoon on Joborilla.ca!


Problems at Work

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So you have just started a your new job and things have been going great…really great actually.  Your boss is friendly; you have a nice air-conditioned office, and awesome coworkers, well all except for one.  You have kind of noticed that people try to avoid this person and they keep their conversation to a minimum.  Being the newcomer you did what any good person would do and you introduced yourself with the intent of learning more about this person.  The conversation that ensued helped you to realize that there is a good reason your coworkers keep their distance.

I have personally only had one encounter with someone at a previous job that I could not find anything…not even one trait that I admired about them!  No matter how hard I tried to get along with this person I couldn’t do it!

So my question is, what do you do when you are working a job that requires you to work with someone that is next to impossible to get along with?  Every day you have to see them and every day they make your day just a little more stressful or a little less enjoyable.  What is the solution?  I know that if you think hard enough, you can relate and I would love to know what you did at your job to solve this problem?

Today’s Spelling Lesson – Entrepreneurialism

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It’s a big word, but what does it mean.  Well I think most people know that an entrepreneur is someone that starts their own business, but what does it really mean?

Have you ever done something that makes you think, “Why is this so difficult?!”.  That’s exactly how we felt when we started Joborilla.ca.  We were frustrated with current job websites and knew that we could develop a website that was years ahead of our competition if we just put in the time.  It was going to be a long road, but we thought let’s do it and a year later, Joborilla.ca became a reality.

Anyone can build a business from the ground up, but success is hinged upon an unwavering passion for what you are doing, a clear vision of your future success, and dedication of immense amounts of time.   The reward?  If you are passionate about what you are doing, work no longer feels like work!

So if you are having difficulty finding a job that suits you, or maybe you’re just not truly happy doing what you’re doing?  It’s time to take a look at who you really are.  Find your passion and then find a “Why is this so difficult?!” moment of your own that relates to your passion.  Brainstorm solutions to the problem you identify, research the market, be creative, and go for it!

In these difficult economic times, bring the job to you!  You will never need to be hired if you have you own business, so you might as well get started.  It’s amazing how many people have great ideas that they just do not pursue.  Why don’t they?  Think about it.

If anyone has any great ideas or wants to share their entrepreneurial experiences with us we would be more than happy to hear them!