Problems at Work

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So you have just started a your new job and things have been going great…really great actually.  Your boss is friendly; you have a nice air-conditioned office, and awesome coworkers, well all except for one.  You have kind of noticed that people try to avoid this person and they keep their conversation to a minimum.  Being the newcomer you did what any good person would do and you introduced yourself with the intent of learning more about this person.  The conversation that ensued helped you to realize that there is a good reason your coworkers keep their distance.

I have personally only had one encounter with someone at a previous job that I could not find anything…not even one trait that I admired about them!  No matter how hard I tried to get along with this person I couldn’t do it!

So my question is, what do you do when you are working a job that requires you to work with someone that is next to impossible to get along with?  Every day you have to see them and every day they make your day just a little more stressful or a little less enjoyable.  What is the solution?  I know that if you think hard enough, you can relate and I would love to know what you did at your job to solve this problem?