Building Your Resume – Mirror, Mirror on My Desk…

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Before you read today’s blog entry, open up your resume or grab a copy of it and have a look.   Do you see your reflection?  I’m not talking about seeing your face on your shiny computer screen, but rather I am asking if your resume reflects exactly who and what you are?

It’s time that you start thinking of your resume like a mirror.  Everything you are to employers in Saskatoon is contained in those simple pieces of paper.  Imagine 100 resumes laid out in front of you…this is the situation employers face when hiring new employees.

When an employer looks at your resume, they need to see your reflection; if they can’t, there is a great chance that they will move on.  Mirror yourself and your attributes and make sure that your resume is showing the REAL you and not a distorted, blurry silhouette.  If your resume says you are motivated, hard-working, and creative – you should ensure that when you look at your resume, it looks like someone motivated, hard-working, and creative wrote it!

First, polish your resume.  Ever looked at your reflection in a mirror that is smudged or dirty?  It’s the same feeling employers get if they look at a resume full of spelling mistakes and minimal formatting.  Take the time to read it over and checkout some online resume templates if you need help formatting.

Second, take care of your resume.  Try looking at your reflection in a mirror that is cracked or broken.  Employers see the same when they’re looking at a resume that is all wrinkly and covered in coffee stains!  Keep you resume in mint condition.

Ultimately it is up to you.  Your resume can be the mirror in a 5-star hotel or it could be the mirror in a gas station restroom.

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