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If I told you that the world was shrinking and your life was speeding up would you agree? The Internet is powerful, so powerful that you can receive e-mails in seconds, read news the minute it happens, video chat with people in another hemisphere, do business on a global stage ….I think you get the point.

In order to survive in such a connected society, employers need to keep up with the times. Many employers today may still feel more comfortable posting a job in a newspaper. Yes, it’s tangible. Yes, you can touch it. Yes, you could even cut it out and stick it to your fridge to admire and show your friends, but are you getting the value you deserve and the results that will help your business grow?

Let’s try something…think of someone that you know that does not own a computer.

Can you think of anyone?

Grandpas and grandmas don’t count by the way; I’m talking about someone you know that is currently working, or of age to be employed. I would bet that your left hand would be enough to count the number of people you can think of. Now think how many people today have newspaper subscriptions.

The newspaper contains news, but the problem is that it contains yesterday’s news. People can read the news in real-time on the Internet and this is exactly where your jobs need to be if you are looking to get the best results. Why pay to put a billboard next to a road with no traffic? is designed to help employers harness the power of the Internet. You can post jobs for free in a matter of minutes and reach literally hundreds of local job seekers! See why you should post jobs on!

Networking Your Way To The Top!

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Imagine that you are standing next to a tall house and you want to get up on the roof.  You can try jumping up to the roof, stacking up random objects that you find in the yard, or you could do the obvious and climb a ladder.  Climbing a ladder would be the fastest, most effective way to get to the roof.

If you are having trouble finding a job, try networking.  The next time that you sit down next to someone that you don’t know, start up a conversation.  The conversation could be about absolutely anything!  You will be amazed where that conversation leads and trust me, the more people you get to know, the easier it will be to get a job.

Think of every new person as a rung on the ladder that you are building to reach your goal of climbing up to the roof.  There is some merit in the saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”.   Be kind to these people that you meet and try to keep in touch and develop these relationships.  As your relationship grows, new doors will open for you left and right that will eventually lead to a job in Saskatoon that you love!

Anyways…time reading this blog today is time that could be better spent finding new friends and contacts!   Go put your networking skills to work today and I guarantee it won’t be long before your networking skills put you to work!