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How to Write a Cover Letter

Walk through the steps to creating an outstanding cover letter and see an example of a professional cover letter.

Improve Your Cover Letter

Improving your cover letter is the first step towards improving your chances of finding employment.

Types of Cover Letters

Practical uses to different cover letters, where and how to use them are important to your job hunt.

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Cover Letter Templates

Downloadable Microsoft Word templates to construct your ideal resume:

Basic Cover Letters

Highlight the reasons why you are qualified for the job in a professional, organized way.

Letters of Interest

Expresses that you are interested in working for a company when a position becomes available.

Networking Cover Letters

Request assistance for help finding work in the industry by asking for advice or referrals from within.

Referral Cover Letters

If you know a friend who knows someone in the business you want to work for, have them write a referral letter for you.



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