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Types of Cover Letters

Writing a cover letter is not rocket science, but it requires some basic knowledge of the essential components in order to do it properly. Read through our example cover letter below to master this skill!

Basic Cover Letter

The basic cover letter has already been explained in great detail in the 'How to Write a Cover Letter' article. Read More »

Letter of Interest

If you happened to have read through our article on networking cover letters you've seen how they can be used as a subtle hint to employers with no advertised job opportunities. This type of cover letter, also known as a prospecting letter is the opposite of subtle and basically is written to express your interest in working specifically for the company you're applying to while openly acknowledging that you realize there are currently no opportunities being advertised. These cover letters should always be used when searching for a job. The more employers that you can contact, the greater are your chances of finding employment. If an employer isn't actively advertising available positions, that doesn't mean they are not hiring! Sometimes they may be aware of an employee that will be leaving a few months down the road, or perhaps their company experiences fairly regular employee turn-over and they are constantly seeking new replacements for previous employees. If an employer can hire someone without advertising a job opening, they will save time and money – so they'll be more than happy to hear from you!

In a letter of interest cover letter it is very important to highlight your strengths and to express why it is that you want to work for that particular company. For example, you may send a letter to a web-design company that says, "I was attracted to your company based on the quality of the websites that I have seen your company produce and feel that I could be proud to work for a business that produces such professional-looking products".

Go ahead and give this a shot by downloading our letter of interest template!

Networking Letter

A networking cover letter is a whole new ball game. The purpose of these types of cover letters is not generally to get hired, although they can be used to get the point across when there are perhaps no positions currently being advertised with a company that you would be interested in working for. Networking cover letters are often sent to people who have a pile of knowledge and experience in a certain field of business.

If you are not yet following me on this one, read the following example. Let's say that you've been searching diligently for employment over the past few months and you're having some difficulty say understanding the industry you're looking to be hired in, or perhaps you're getting caught up at the interview stage since you are lacking experience in your field. This would be the optimal time to employ a networking cover letter to boost your knowledge and improve you chances of being hired at your next interview opportunity. All you need to do is download a copy of our networking cover letter below, tweak it, make it your own, then send it off to some key people in the industry. The goal is to have someone reply with a willingness to sit down with you and discuss some well thought-out questions (that you've been honing for months!) that will help you to succeed in your future job application attempts. As they say, "Knowledge is power", so do your best to acquire as much as you can!

Referral Letter

How often have you heard the saying, "It's not what you know, it's WHO you know!". This could not be truer when looking at the work world. One of the fastest and most effective ways to make it to the top is through something called 'networking'. Networking involves meeting as many new people as you can in various settings. It's as simple as initiating a conversation with someone new about absolutely anything. More times than not, you'll be shocked at where the conversation leads and often times, these new contacts know people that can help get you that job you've been aiming for!

Once you've built up a 'network' you can look at using an effective cover letter format known as a referral cover letter. This referral cover letter leverages the name of a contact within your network to catch an employer's attention. For example, in the first paragraph of your cover letter you should explicitly state the name of someone whom the person hiring knows and trusts. Once they read the name of someone they trust and see that this person gave you their contact information, your chances of getting an interview will skyrocket! Try downloading one of our sample referral cover letters to get started.



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