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How to Write a Cover Letter

Writing a cover letter is not rocket science, but it requires some basic knowledge of the essential components in order to do it properly. Read through our example cover letter below to master this skill!

First Paragraph:

The first paragraph of your cover letter should outline the reason why you want to be considered for the advertised position. Keep this section short and to the point.

You should state why you are applying to the position in addition to the name of the position you are applying to. There is no need to state how you learned about the position.

An example of a well-written introduction paragraph for your cover letter is:

"I am contacting you to be considered for the position of Marketing Coordinator at XYZ Company. My background as the lead marketer for ABC company over the past 10 years would be a tremendous asset to your marketing team."

Second Paragraph:

This second paragraph is the bulk of the cover letter and it should state the reasons why you are qualified for the job. These reasons should include experience that is relevant to the job and achievements that demonstrate personal character or excellence in your field.

Ensure that you include relevant work examples to back up all of the points that you are making throughout this paragraph. Do not quote points in your resume, but expand upon the highlights of your resume. The conclusion of this paragraph should sum up all of the relevant points that you touched on. An example of a a strong body paragraph is:

"As you can see from my resume, I have a diverse background in marketing including managing projects for Coca-Cola, General Electric, and various other high profile corporations. In addition to these experiences I have taken a number of courses in consumer marketing and global advertisement development. Over the past ten years with ABC company I was promoted three times to move from an entry-level marketer, to the manager of our department. After ten years I am finally ready for a new challenge and feel that my past work experience will help me bring your corporation to another level as the Marketing Coordinator for XYZ Company."

Final Paragraph:

The final paragraph should just round out the cover letter and should not present any new information to the employer. Be sure that you thank the employer for their time and consideration. Cap off the cover letter with your signature in pen (blue ink) following a line such as 'Sincerely' or 'Best Regards'.

"I would appreciate the opportunity to further discuss my background and how my experience and education in marketing can benefit your company. Thank you for your time and consideration."

Best Regards,

[Your signature in blue ink]
Joe Joseph



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