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Details on professional attire, how to prepare, and how to perform at your next job interview to make sure that you capitalize on your opportunity to be hired!


Ensure that all of your clothes have been steamed or ironed so that they are not wrinkled and ensure that your hair looks neat and tidy.

Your attire should reflect the position that you're applying to. If you're applying to a creative design position, your clothing may be more colourful or creative looking than if you were applying to an accounting position. Many people will make assumptions about the type of person you based solely on your appearance!

Men: Wear a suit and tie (keep a conservative pattern on your tie) Dark shoes and socks Short hair, trimmed or no facial hair, no earrings and light cologne.

Women: Wear a suit with a jacket or a business-type dress w/belt. Wear closed-toe shoes and keep the heels conservative. If you like to wear nail polish, stick to more neutral colours or clear coats. Conservative make-up and perfume.


Prior to your job interview you should research the company that you will be meeting with. For example, most companies now have websites that will have an 'About Us' section. It is a great idea to review this section in addition to products and/or services that the company offers and if you are able to work some of this material into your interview answers, this is even better!

You should ensure that you have all of the necessary documents to take to your interview, such as a copy of your resume and cover letter in addition to a portfolio to showcase important achievements in your.

You should also consider the type of questions that the employer will ask at the interview and attempt to formulate some thoughts on how you will answer the questions when they are asked. View our top 10 commonly asked interview questions for examples.

Day of the Interview:

Always be punctual! Show up about 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled interview time. Have a pen with you and consider taking notes if appropriate. During the interview you should try to show enthusiasm about the position and answer each question in a tone that emphasizes your interest in the job. Always pay close attention to the question being asked and make eye-contact while the question is being asked. Do not be afraid to take a few seconds to organize your thoughts prior to answering the question. Do not get flustered if you trip up during an answer, it happens to everyone and employers understand this. If you do make a mistake, calmly correct yourself and move on.

Following the Interview:

Once the interview is over you should always reflect on it in order to improve and better prepare for future interviews. If an interview goes extremely well, or extremely poorly, you can always learn something from it! Some things to ask yourself are: which questions were difficult to answer, what are 3 positive points to take from the interview, and what are 3 areas of improvement that could be made prior to future interviews.



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