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Writing a Resume

Employers want to read resumes that look organized and professional. Learn about important components of a resume that employers wish to see and include them in your next resume!

Resume Layout:

No two resumes will ever be the same, since no two applicants are the same. With this being said, you should pick and choose the categories that you wish to include in your resume that will put your best foot forward. Below are some common categories that are often included in professional resumes:

  • Personal Information
  • Career Aspirations
  • Skills & Abilities
  • Education
  • Work Experience
  • Duties
  • Interests & Achievements
  • References

Personal Information:

Always include you name and address in full so that employers know how to contact you. Providing two valid phone numbers including a home number and a cell phone number would be advisable. At least one of these numbers should have an answering machine. If competition is tight, and you're difficult to get a hold of, employers may just move on to the next applicant. Include an e-mail address as a third way for employers to contact you.

Career Aspirations:

Outline your career goals in a couple of sentences which clearly convey that you are an ambitious individual with realistic goals. This demonstrates your expectations to the employer and will help them decide if you will be satisfied working within their company. Although this may sounds like a disadvantage to you, it may allow the employer to explain something about the position to you that helps you see that it may not be the type of work that you were expecting and in the long-run you will be much happier.

Skills & Abilities:

Do some brainstorming and compile a list of skills and abilities that you possess which may be applicable to the position that you are applying to. Most jobs require the use of technology, so skills such as familiarity with Microsoft Word or Excel spreadsheets would be a useful skill to list in this section.


Education is a huge bonus when it comes to obtaining a career that will provide a decent living. Listing your past education starting with the highest level of education you have completed (an example would be a university degree), then list prior education. There is no need to list elementary school education or education prior to high school. Also list certificates and diplomas for courses that you may have taken that would be applicable to the job.

Work Experience:

List all of your past work experience including the name of the business that employed you, the location (city, province) and the dates that you worked in these positions. For each of you previous jobs, list 3 or 4 duties that you were responsible for doing at that job. You may also include a sentence or two describing the position that you held.

Interests & Achievements:

Interests and achievements are not necessary, but can help to supplement your resume in cases where you may be short on resume content. This information will help an employer understand your personal side. Volunteer experience can also be included in this section in addition to any awards or recognition that you have received in the past. Be certain to list the dates of the volunteer experience or awards that you have received.


References are a very important aspect of writing a complete resume. It is generally wise to include 3 references at the conclusion of your resume. It is often best to have professional references such as business owners, teachers, doctors, etc. Also, if you were applying to a banking job for example, it would be best to have references that work in the banking industry. You should always contact your references prior to including them in your resume. This ensures that they would be prepared for a phone call from a prospective employer. Always include the name, address, phone number, and business title of the references that you are listing.



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