Royal City Soccer Club

Job Summary

Employer Name

Royal City Soccer Club


Saskatoon, SK

Job Categories

Student | Summer

Application Deadline

As soon as possible

Position Start Date

Jun 29, 2012

Number of Positions


Contact Name

Lauren McKenzie


Camp Supervisor

Job Description

Duties of a Supervisor:

·          manage a complete RCSC onsite location

·          oversee operations of a camp from start to finish including programs/activities planned by Camp Counselors

·          manage and motivate a team of Counselors, Counselors-in-Training (CIT) and volunteers

·          plan, organize and teach soccer and other games to a group of campers

·          ensure the safety and supervision of campers

·          manage and problem solve entire camp site including campers, staff and volunteers

·          communicate with Program Coordinator and Head Office staff regularly

Qualifications*: ages18 or older by June 29th, 2015


·          must have a vehicle for use in the summer

  •    must be able to work all 10 weeks of the summer

Apply to this job by:

Mail: Royal City Soccer Club
2-336 Plains Rd E
Burlington, ON
L7T 2C8
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