FarmLead Resources Ltd.

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FarmLead Resources Ltd.


Saskatoon, SK

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Information Technology

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As soon as possible

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Full Time

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Web Application Developer

Job Description

FarmLead is fast-growing, award-winning agricultural technology company looking for a talented developer/programmer to play a key role in the design and development of farm e-commerce platforms that allow farmers and agribusinesses to conduct crop inputs and grain sales from anywhere at anytime. FarmLead is a first-mover in this space and is looking to add contrarians who enjoy challenging the status quo as the agricultural industry is in a current state of major technology adoption. If you can handle working in a team/company-first environment (you must) and bring a positive always-looking-to-be-better mantra to the table, then let us know why we should add you to the FarmLead squad by email at (Please include a resume)

Skills & Requirements:

- BS/MS in Computer Science or Computer Engineering, or equivalent experience;
- Ability to think outside the box (i.e. for yourself but also within defined parameters) and willingness to communicate ideas proficiently in a fast-paced, growth-orientated culture;
- Passion for your work
- Collaborative attitude and willingness to contribute to and participate with the team (i.e. the ping pong table);
- Good grasp of UX and UI design principles;
- Experience with Amazon Web Services;
- Object Oriented PHP - We use CakePHP for our projects. Candidates who are familiar with CakePHP are preferred;
- MySQL - You should know the ins and outs of creating SQL statements, JOINs, setting up indices, and optimizing queries;
- jQuery and JS - A very strong knowledge of jQuery will be vital. At times you may have to work on older JS as well so a working knowledge will be important;
- HTML and CSS - You should be able to write concise, clean, modular CSS and be adept at using CSS3 techniques for creating modern looking websites. Creating standards compliant HTML should be second nature. You should also be comfortable using media queries and responsive design to develop for various devices. You should be able to make sites that will render perfectly across the big four browsers;
- Git - We use Git for version control and you will be expected to work with this technology; and
- Mobile app development experience is a plus


- Collaborate closely with other developers, designers, and business people, both within and outside of our company;
- Contribute to the fast-pace growth or our company by contributing your knowledge, even when your back is against the wall
- Deliver high quality work on tight schedules
- Establish test protocols and execute them in timely manner on new functions & features
- Provide excellent technical customer service where and when required by clients
- Debug and problem-solve on the go
- See the level of excellence, then take things to the next level and put the previous mark in the rearview mirror
- Act on previous problems solved and execute past solutions without need to be prompted to do so
- Constantly try to be better (those happy with the status quo need not apply)



- Dependent on experience, skill level, & your location (Saskatoon, SK-preferred and/or potentially willing to move to a more tech-based community)
- Benefits + salary; performance bonuses possible

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