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Featured Employer Plus

Introduce job seekers to your business by purchasing a Featured Employer plan. Your company logo is placed on every page of our website to help optimize your results!

What is it?

Our Featured Employer Plus plan is a great way to advertise your business and job openings by taking your employer profile to the next level! Your ad will appear on our homepage and all our webpages with a link to a fully customizable, FREE, employer profile! Your ad will appear in the form of a logo or your company name at random.

Is it right for me?

If you want to maximize the number of potential employees that will view your job postings, our Featured Employer Plus plan is right for you! Thousands of job seekers will learn about your business and may apply to the jobs you post now or submit a resume to be hired in the future. It is a simple feature to setup and will certainly assist you in finding qualified local employees.

How do I use it?

Simply purchase this plan for the desired period of time by selecting a time-frame from the drop-down box to the right, then click the 'Buy' button. You must fill out your company profile prior to Featured Employer Plus becoming active. The information you provide in your profile will be used in your Featured Employer Plus ad. Your profile will always remain online FREE of charge until you choose to take it down.

Additional Information

You can edit your profile any time that you are logged into your account. This is free advertising that you should be certain to take advantage of!

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  • Ad displayed on all pages
  • Link to business profile
  • Advertise current job openings