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Searching for the perfect job can be difficult and time-consuming! 'Featured Job Seeker' will improve your odds of employers discovering you! Sit back, relax, and let the jobs roll in!

What is Featured Job Seeker?

As a registered Job Seeker on, you have the ability to upload resumes and create a personal profile for free! When you purchase a Featured Job Seeker advertisement, your resume and profile can be viewed by trusted employers. Your name will also appear on several employer pages.

Is it right for me?

Owning a Featured Job Seeker advertisement allows your resume and profile to work 24/7 for you and will actually help you find employment when you are not even looking! If you are having trouble finding employment online, this package can certainly help!

How do I use it?

Activating your advertisement is as simple as selecting the length of time you wish for your advertisement to run then clicking on the 'Buy' button!

Additional Information

Once you purchase this feature, we recommend that you login to update your profile and ensure that your resume is up to date so that you may get the best results from this feature!

Buy Featured Job Seeker

Weeks Price/Week Savings
1 $50.00 -
2 $48.00 $2.00
3 $46.00 $4.00
4 $44.00 $6.00
5-9 $40.00 $10.0
10-19 $36.00 $14.00
20-29 $34.00 $16.00


  • Help employers find you!
  • Ad on employer pages.
  • Get hired faster!