Job Upgrades

Job Upgrades

Upgrades can be applied to individual ads to improve their visibility on the search page and improve your results!

Colour product logo
$2/day $3/day


Colour is one of our most frequently used features. Colour is applied to your ad on the search page to immediately grab the attention of job seekers. A variety of colours are availble to customize your ad.

Bold product logo
$1/day $2/day


Make a bold statement by adding 'Bold'. Bold will make job seekers gravitate toward your ad on the search page by bolding every word in your listing. Just look at the difference bold makes!

Blackout product logo
$4/day $8/day


Blackout™ is a feature unique to Joborilla. Instead of adding a touch of colour to your ad on the search page, why not make it black! Your listing will be inverted to have a black background with white writing, dramatically increasing traffic to your ad.

Featured Jobs product logo

Featured Jobs

Featured Jobs is a great upgrade to ensure that your employment opportunities receive maximum exposure. Featured Jobs will place your job advertisement on every page job seekers are on! You will also receive a ribbon on our search page to make your post stand out from the rest!

Social media product logo

Social Media

Leveraging major social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter is a tremendous way to reach out to a more diverse group of job seekers. Social Media broadcasts your jobs on the Joborilla Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Search Cycler product logo

Search Cycler

After your ad has been online for a while, it will move down the search results and get bumped to a new page when other Saskatoon jobs are posted. With Search Cycler credits, you can choose to bump your ad to the top of the search page with a single click.

Unlimited Job Upgrades

Power Hiring product logo
Power Hiring™

Stand out with our unlimited Power Hiring™ package! With Power Hiring™, you may choose any or all job upgrades to add to each one of your job postings. Maximize the power of your ads and maximize your hiring potential


  • Add upgrades to your jobs anytime you want
  • Upgrades increase traffic to your ads
  • Upgrdes increase applicants