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Power Hiring™

Unique to Joborilla - this product will give you tremendous power at your fingertips with unlimited usage of multiple job advertising upgrades to maximize your hiring potential!

What is it?

Power Hiring™ is essentially the master key to unlock Joborilla. When you purchase this package you will receive unlimited usage of multiple job upgrades throughout the time period that this product is activated. This means that you will receive featured jobs, social media, bold, colour, and a spot in our monthly newsletter to our job seekers which will showcase your jobs.

Is it right for me?

This package is great for:

  • Companies with high employee turnover
  • Businesses who hire frequently
  • Companies looking to hire many employees in a short period of time.
  • Established businesses looking to expand and hire multiple employees.

How do I use it?

Power Hiring™ can be purchased by selecting an appropriate period of time from the drop down box at the top of the page then clicking the 'Buy' button. Once you have purchased Power Hiring™ our upgrade features will be available free of charge whenever you post a job.

Additional Information

When you consider the cost of posting multiple jobs on other employment websites, this package is a no-brainer. Everytime you post a job you will have the potential to use up to $300 of upgrades at no charge to you! Now that's what we call POWER!

Buy Power Hiring™

Weeks Price/Week Savings
1 $50.00 -
2 $48.00 $2.00
3 $46.00 $4.00
4 $44.00 $6.00
5-9 $40.00 $10.0
10-19 $36.00 $14.00
20-29 $34.00 $16.00


  • Unlock multiple job upgrades
  • $300 value everytime you post
  • Great for hiring multiple employees