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With so many features at no cost, advertising with Joborilla just makes sense! Learn why our site is right for your hiring needs!

It's 100% FREE!

Joborilla is a FREE, effective job posting website that will facilitate your search to hire local, qualified, Saskatoon employees. Other Saskatoon employment websites will charge you hundreds of dollars to post a 30-day job opportunity. With Joborilla you can post an unlimited number of jobs and never pay a penny!

It's Simple, Quick, and Flexible

Post a Saskatoon job in only 5 minutes. Simply register, create your ad, preview, and apply upgrades if you wish. Our easy-to-use form is developed so anyone can create a job ad regardless of their knowledge of computers and the Internet. Use unlimited words to describe your ad and upload an image for Free! Once created, unlike other websites, you actually get to preview your entire ad exactly as it will appear for job seekers. Then customize your ad with colour and a banner while also choosing how many days to run it. Once created, you can edit your ad at any time or cancel it whenever you want.

Innovative Saskatoon Advertising

We advertise Saskatoon job opportunities by targeting job seekers specifically through the Internet. This method of advertising makes us continually visible whenever job seekers are searching for jobs, maximizing the visibility of your job posting. In addition, every career opportunity can be broadcast to thousands of users instantly via our RSS Feed, Facebook and Twitter.

Professional Profile

It is entirely free for employers to set-up a business profile on Joborilla. Create a profile for your business or connect to an existing corporate profile; it's your choice. It's free advertising, so why not take advantage of it? A business profile allows you to showcase your company, connect to your website, Facebook page, and Twitter feed!

Tonnes of Unique Features

The Job Application Tracker: A powerful applicant tracker developed solely by Joborilla to allow employers to conveniently manage hundreds of job applications in a single window. It is a robust engine that gives you full control over your job applications. View, print, and manage cover letters and resumes. You can even create notes and rank job seekers as you read their resumes so that you have information to refer back to later!

Detailed Statistics

View day-by-day traffic to each of your jobs including number of views in the search and how many times your ad has been clicked on.

Stand Out More

For employers who want professional looking job ads, Joborilla is the place to be! There are plenty of upgrades to apply to each job posting to increase traffic and stand out more than the competition!

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Did you Know?

Job seeker writing a resume

Joborilla is locally owned and operated and was founded in 2010 by two University of Saskatchewan students. We are dedicated to serving Saskatoon employers by facilitating hiring in Saskatoon while providing top-notch customer service. We have NO third-party advertising, making your Saskatoon jobs the focus of attention!